One of a kind film festival in the heart of Venice, Italy

5 | 6 | 7 September 2024

Film Selection 2023

Day ONE - (September 7th 2023)

Cafe Americano

Ben Page – Thomas Woodson – Joey Schusler

Be who you are

Mah Ferraz Gabriel Novis


Justine & Thibault Raubi


Brent Foster

The Destiny of a Sherpa Woman

Louise Thaller and Stanilas Giroux

Mustafa Ceylan

Benoît Goncerut

Chains of Habit

Ted Hesser

Atomic Chicken

École des Nouvelles Images

Walking on Cloud

Renan Kamizi – João Juchem – Rafael Bridi

Andrea Lanfri

Giacomo Biancalani

The Lone Valley

Robin Pogorzelski

Alla scoperta della ciclovia


Day TWO - (September 8th 2023)


Achille Mauri

What If

Marco Tribelhorn ft. Arianna Tricomi

Io, Tevere – Le radici del mare

Marco Spinelli e Roberto D´amico

Dancing with Danger

Chris Bryan


Simon Kreutz | Eline Le Menestrel | Chris Eyre-Walker

The Mirage

Achille Mauri, prodotto da Runaway e Mental Athletic

Dragon Boys

Tom Rignsby | Dicky

da 100 a 4000

Regione Lombardia

Partners & Collaborators

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